7 Benefits of a Professional Ductwork Cleaning

7 Benefits of a Professional Ductwork Cleaning

For healthy air and a cleaner home, it's important to keep your air ducts clean. Typically, it's best to get your ductwork professionally cleaned at some point between two and five years, depending on system usage and if you've regularly changed filters. Here are seven reasons to clean your air ducts.

Healthier Air

When an HVAC technician completes a thorough duct cleaning, the vast majority of harmful germs and bacteria will be eliminated. This prevents such germs from being blown into your living spaces, where they could have a particularly harsh effect on those with respiratory issues.

Cleaner Household Surfaces

When you run your HVAC system, dirty ductwork can send a lot of dust into your home's occupied areas. Dust can then start to accumulate on surfaces including furniture, fixtures, and countertops.

Prevent Fire Hazard

When debris in dirty ductwork comes into contact with heating systems, a fire hazard may develop. A professional duct cleaning will address this risk.

Get Rid of Foul Odors

Over time, a lot of dust and grime can build up in ductwork. This can then send a musty stench into your living areas when you run your HVAC system. With a professional air duct cleaning, these odor-causing particles will be eliminated.

Efficient Air Flow

When debris is removed from ducts, it'll be easier for air to flow unobstructedly. This allows your HVAC system to more efficiently achieve your desired air temperature.

Maximize HVAC System Lifespan

To get the most life out of your HVAC system, you should keep up with regular maintenance tasks, such as getting your ducts professionally cleaned.

Eliminate Allergens

Ductwork is known to fill up with common allergens like animal dander and pollen. For allergy sufferers, a thorough duct cleaning can greatly improve one's quality of life.

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Posted: May 18, 2021

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