6 Signs of Furnace Trouble

6 Signs of Furnace Trouble

6 Signs of Furnace TroubleAn inefficient heating system won't just make your home less cozy, it could cause a spike in your energy bill. When you first notice a sign of furnace trouble, you'll want to further investigate the matter. A thorough inspection by an HVAC professional can identify any issues that need to be addressed. Here's a look at six signs of a failing furnace.

Struggles to Warm Up

If in the past you were to simply turn it up a few notches to get the room warm, but now it takes a lot more time to bring the heat, then it could be time for replacement.

Uneven Heating

When a furnace unevenly distributes heat, warm air can be sent to uninhabited parts of the house, while living areas remain chilly. As this occurs day after day, it can waste a significant amount of energy.

Regularly Needs Repair

If you often find yourself paying to repair your furnace, it could make financial sense to instead invest in a new model that offers optimal energy-efficiency.

Increasing Electric Bills

While there are a few household issues that might cause a spike in your electric bill, one possibility to consider is a faulty furnace.

Old Age

After your furnace reaches fifteen years old, even if it's still working well, it'll likely be time to start budgeting for a new model.

Humidity Problems

You'll want to have an HVAC professional inspect your furnace if you're noticing a buildup of condensation.

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Posted: April 18, 2020

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